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 Post subject: Rumble Roses XX |8/10| XBox 360
PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:15 am 
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Such a sweet smelling rose.

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting when I loaded up Rumble Roses XX for the first, but I do remember I wasn't expecting to be impressed. So much for pre-judgment.

Rumble Roses XX turned out to be a pretty sweet game.

First off, I have to say, I rarely ever play wrestling games. The last one I played was on the Dreamcast, and I thought it sucked (the game, not the system). So, if there is any common criteria by which such games are judged by, I am unaware of them. I can only comment on what I liked and disliked about the title.

That said, I must say, there wasn’t much about the title I didn’t like.

Rumble Roses XX, is a wrestling game. All of the standard characters you play with are female. There are a variety of play modes to enjoy and entertain you and your friends with.

The graphics are gorgeous, and I’m not just talking about those lovely polygon models that you wrestle with (though they are, err… composed very well). The stages you play on are richly detailed and beautiful. The soundtrack never seems to be inappropriate; every song or tune seems to match the moment it is played. The character models are well designed and well animated. Most model motions are smooth, fluid and natural looking with the odd exception of the execution of a few of the holding moves. I'm pretty sure most normal people can't bend like these character models can bend.

Graphics, sounds, and pretty polygons are all done very well, but all those points would amount to nil without good game play to enjoy them with. Fortunately, Rumble Roses XX has very solid but simple game play. Nearly all moves are executed by hitting a single direction and a button. Special moves are executed by positioning yourself correctly, and hitting a simple combination of buttons (usually no more than two). The most annoying control issue is the mashing of buttons to escape holds or pins, but that seems to be a universal design flaw among almost all wrestling games I’ve read about.

You can participate in a variety of different match types against a computer opponent. You have the traditional one on one match, the tag team match, battle royal free for all matches, handicapped matches (two on one), and humiliation matches. With the exception of the humiliation match, in all of these you win by pinning your opponent to the mat or having them submit to a hold.

Rumble Roses XX has in addition to the wrestling mode, a street fighting mode. This is a sort of simplified ‘Street Fighter’ type fighting mode. Your wrestling moves are limited, and you have a ‘life bar’. You win a round by simply pummeling your opponent until their life bar is empty, and you win a fight by winning two out of three rounds. It does make for a nice change of pace from the normal wrestling matches.

Complementing the primary wrestling focus of this title, there is a collecting aspect that features many things may be unlocked. Each character has many outfits you can acquire. These outfits run the range from very revealing thong bikinis and suggestive shorts, to combat gear and school girl outfits. There is a photo shoot mode where you can take pictures of the characters wearing the outfits you have unlocked while they participate in special activities you have also unlocked (like riding a bike, swimming, or stretching).

Also, in addition to unlocking additional outfits, each character has a counterpart that can be unlocked. The game has a face versus heel arrangement (good guy versus bad guy). Each face character has a heel version you can unlock, and the same goes for the heel characters. Each character version has her own unique outfit and intro movie.

In addition to playing against the computer, there is an ‘Exhibition Mode’ where you can play against up to three friends, and use the outfits you have unlocked. All of the wrestling match types, along with the street fighting mode, are available. I’ve found this to be a very enjoyable element of the game.

Rumble Roses XX lets you online to play against others, and even lets you share photos you have taken.

There are only three things about this game that annoy me, all fairly minor.

The first thing that I found annoying is that it is a great pain to change a characters costume in the ‘Exhibition Mode’. You can only change the color of the outfit your wrestler is wearing, or pick her ‘Super Star’ outfit if it is available. To change the outfit to something different you have to exit out of the exhibition mode, load up your single player character, change her costume there, then go back to the Exhibition Mode. Very annoying of you have four people who keep wanting to change outfits.

The second most annoying thing I found about Rumble Roses XX is that it is unclear what you are supposed to do in the single player mode, and how you progress in the game. If it is explained in the manual, I overlooked it. I just kept playing matches until I won a title.

The last thing that annoyed me about this game (and this is really the most minor) is that there was no kind of training mode. I guess I’ve played too many fighting games where this feature is provided and I’ve come to expect it.

Over all, I have to say, I enjoyed this game greatly. It’s entertaining to play by yourself, and is a great title to bring out when your friends come over.

Unexpectedly, Rumble Roses XX turned out to be a really sweet smelling rose, without any thorns.

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