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 Post subject: New NPT: Who Doesn't Pay the Piper
PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2008 5:08 am 
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Actually, this NPT isn’t that new. It was put up over a week ago! Sorry for the delayed announcement.

New Insano should be on the way soon. The Artist’s computer when bust, but he just got a very nice replacement to help get things going again… so… Woo Hoo!

Ok, now, about this latest comic…



I was originally going to say “The problem with trying to be topical is that you've got to be on time. Once the moment has passed, the joke is either no good or not relevant.” I started drawing this newest NPT several weeks ago, in bits (yeah, several weeks ago. I suck at drawing! Not The Artist), and I was seriously thinking the topic it discussed would be an old hat by the time I got done. Surely, with that pesky election out of the way, Lindsey Lohan, Brittney Spears, or some other celebrity would’ve came out hiding and had the world enthralled in some new senseless news garbage. (Granted, the Madonna divorce did briefly turn a few heads.) Or some other poor celeb would get caught in the wrong club, or have their cell phone hacked and have their private nudy pics scattered around the internet like the ashes from urn of common sense.

Well apparently not. It seems the current financial troubles that have gripped the world are lasting a bit longer than a “moment”. Proposals are flooding the halls of our lawmakers on how to help numerous ailing industries, while pretty much leaving Joe Average Consumer out to dry.

Joe Average Consumer. And consume he or she will, if credit is available. Gotta get that limited edition DVD before they’re out. Gotta get that big TV so you don’t suffer TV envy. Gotta get that gas guzzler ‘cause gas has temporarily gone down. Gotta get all the new games and CD’s that have came out because they are not nearly as important as something like… a mortgage payment. Gotta get so many things. Gotta them on credit because they’re some many of them, and they keep pushing us to buy new stuff before we’ve paid the old stuff off. Constantly. Everywhere. On TV, on the radio, even scattered all over the internet. BUY! BUY! BUY! No cash? Use credit! No credit? Let us bill you later! And you pay forever! Because, of you don’t have the newest, latest, coolest stuff – you are insignificant! You are worthless! NO ON WILL LIKE YOU! HELP THE ECONOMY! BUY! BARROW! BUY! BARROW! BUY! BARROW!

But remember, it’s your fault if you overextend yourself because you can’t resist societal peer pressure to get the newest toys. And you won’t get help. Too much debt is the result of your poor judgment. Why should consumers get bailed out because they hear the siren call of the consumer market? It’s not like Wall Street would ever make such poor choices….

People sell debt; they trade debt; it’s another damn commodity like corn and oil!

Doesn’t it seem odd that the US has an economy that is founded firmly in the fact that every one has debt? No just consumers. Businesses use leverage to conduct daily business. Companies used barrowed money to buy loans of people that barrowed money. Then they barrow more money to buy insurance to help protect these purchases from ‘insurers’ that barrow money to meet the obligations of the insurance they provided. Talk about a house of cards. Wonder what would happen if someone in the chain couldn’t pay? Oh wait – I think we know.

Credit freezes, market melt downs, and massive layoffs. Talk about the layoffs and closings. DHL, Citi Group, and Circuit City are just a few of the large companies to recently put their pink slip printers into overdrive.

Pink slip. That’s a nice little term. A nice, mild, little phrase to let someone know life as they know it has ended.

But not nearly as nice as say… a Golden Parachute.

Wow. What a concept. Joe Average gets fried from his job, and gets the want ads out of the classifieds if he’s lucky.

Joe Executive gets let go for nearly ruining a company, and then gets a pat on the back, a yacht, plus a few million dollars to tide him over till he’s able to find another company to pillage.

Kevin Smith once said that some in Hollywood "fail upwards". This mentality appears to have been fully embraced by the upper echelons of the Wall Street hierarchy. I mean, dammit, once you get in the top spots, they pay you to leave. And they pay you a lot. What an exclusive club. Wonder if the same bunches of people just rotate among the corporate top spots in America? Think about how much money companies could save if they switched those Golden Parachutes to Pink Slips. With all the people that's been let go recently, surely they could spare one for the brass at the top. Think of how much it might help if that “parachute money” was spread around the pink slippers, or used to keep their jobs viable?

Just think…


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